Investing In A Professional Oven Could Really Pay Off

Many very highly successful catering businesses have started out as home based businesses cooking produce daily and selling it on in retail outlets, however at some point that oven that you are using at home will not prove to be suitable for the job. Typically you will only realise that you have reached the point of replacing your oven with a commercial one when you have a breakdown of your existing home based one, resulting in you losing orders by not being able to fulfil them.

This may never seem a problem when your business is running well at home, and your current oven is seemingly easily coping with the job in hand, however when your domestic oven breaks down it can often be extremely hard to get somebody out the same day to repair it, indeed it can often be hard to get somebody out the same week to repair it, and if you are running your business on this basis then you are playing with fire. Sooner or later the oven will break down and result in disaster kenmore stove and oven repair altadena.

So before this happens why not consider investing in a proper commercial oven, sure you can pay tens of thousands of pounds for one, but you may be surprised to find that a medium duty six burner range oven can be purchased for just under £1200 excluding VAT, and that makes them cheaper than many domestic ovens that you would find for sale in a retail outlet.

Whilst the commercial oven may not have the same designer looks as your oven at home what it will have is built-in practical features of which will help keep it running day after day enabling you to focus on your business rather than worrying about whether it is going to breakdown under high usage or not.

I would ask that you take a step backwards, and look at your current oven and say “How much of a problem is it for me if this breaks down?”, if the answer is it is going to be a major problem to my business, then it is time to change it for commercial oven designed specifically for the job in hand.

Not only is a commercial oven designed to be more durable it is also designed with fuel economy in mind, and yet will also heat up much more rapidly than your domestic oven will do. Investing in a good commercial oven can actually save you money in the longer term as you are investing in peace of mind.

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