Fixing the Fridge With an Appliance Repair Business

Food is very important to me. I’m Italian and my family hails from the region of Italy known as Umbria, just north of Rome. To the ancient inhabitants of Umbria, the Etruscans, food was sacred. At each meal my ancestors would eat and drink and pray, commingling the physical pleasures of the mortal with the […]

Is a Gas or Electric Appliance a Better Fit for You?

Most appliances are produced in gas and electric models. Is one superior to the other? Not necessarily. What’s best for you might not be the right choice for your neighbor. When deciding on gas versus electric appliances, here are issues to consider. The Cost of the Appliances Many times, a major manufacturer will make the […]

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Cooling System Working Efficiently

You Break It, You Bought It For those of you purchasing a new appliance, it’s common for you to wonder how to keep it looking and working as good as the day you bought it. Who can blame you for wanting to get the most for your money? There is nothing worse than spending your […]